Today, many home television channels are being monitored by satellite antennas. Most of the channels broadcast via satellite are encrypted. If the decoder cards of the encrypted channel are not available on your receiver, it is not possible to watch these encrypted channels.

For many years, however, many methods have been developed to decrypt and broadcast satellite channels. One of these methods is CCCam technology.

How Does CCCam Work?

Encryption methods of encrypted channels in satellite antennas are usually based on changing the password periodically. This method has been developed because it will be difficult to break a password that changes every 10 seconds. However, breaking the password with CCCam is done by downloading the new versions as soon as the image is encrypted. In this way, while you watch the channel you will continue to watch the password is broken. At this point, the CCCam acts as if the password breaker card, which is installed on the satellite device and is required to monitor the corresponding channel without a password. With CCCam, you are able to watch many channels that are encrypted.

How to Use CCCam?

To use the CCCam you need a dish antenna. The central satellite broadcasting system used in some apartments will not work in this case. You can log in to your CCCam with the user name and password provided by your company.

Today, some satellite device manufacturers have integrated the CCCam feature into their own devices. This allows the channel to be monitored with the password information downloaded from the server on the internet. However, the manufacturers of Chinese origin, who are not so familiar with this, have seen this feature even though they market their devices in this way. In this respect, the purchasers are required to investigate the brand and features of the device in detail. There are many places that provide CCCam services. Once you have subscribed to any of them, information is sent to your device to decrypt the channel.

An important point is the mixing of IPTV and CCCam system. The difference between IPTV and CCCam is that IPTV is a system that allows you to watch television broadcasts over the Internet. CCCam is a system developed to completely decrypt the encrypted channels that broadcast via satellite.

Is CCCam Legal?

CCCam is not a legally used system. Therefore, it is possible to encounter any kind of mishap at any time. If you do not expect to watch encrypted channels at any time you do not have a preference to search for your rights. It is beneficial to keep your expectations low while using this technology.